5 Popular Mobile App Design Software Tools!

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4 Aug 2023

Are you thinking of attracting your audience with a visually stunning mobile app? Introducing our advanced mobile app design software, the ultimate tool to bring your app ideas to life! With the help of our mobile app design, you will have the ability to fully express your creativity and create stunning user interfaces.


Test and refine your app’s flow, validate your design decisions, and impress stakeholders with interactive demos that showcase your app’s potential. Our simple and easy-to-use interface makes it easy for both experienced designers and beginners to create visually stunning app designs. Let’s discuss the best mobile app design software in this article!


What is Mobile App Design Software?

It is specifically created to help designers create and design mobile applications. These software solutions come with a lot of features and capabilities that make it easier to develop an app from conceptualization to user interface (UI) design and prototype.


With the use of mobile app design software, designers may customize the color palettes, font, and overall layout of an app. It may also offer advanced features like layer management, animation tools, and real-time collaboration, allowing designers to create interactive and engaging app prototypes. By utilizing mobile app design tools, designers can streamline their workflow, visualize their ideas more effectively, and iterate quickly on their designs.


Overall, the Mobile app design tool transforms their imaginative ideas into practical and aesthetically pleasing mobile app designs, simplifying the design process and guaranteeing the finished result fulfills the required user expectations.


Popular Mobile App Design Software Tools

There are several popular mobile app design software tools available in the market. Here are 8 commonly used ones. 


1- Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a powerful and versatile mobile app design tool that is widely used by designers to create exceptional app interfaces and prototypes. With its comprehensive set of features, Adobe XD offers an effortless design experience from concept to final product. 

Key aspects include:

  • Adobe XD’s Repeat Grid feature is a huge time-saver when designing mobile app interfaces. It enables designers to create repeating elements, such as lists or grids of pictures or text, with a single drag-and-drop action.
  • There are numerous features and capabilities included with these software packages for their mobile apps without writing any code.
  •  Designers can define interactions and transitions between screens, enabling stakeholders and users to experience the app’s flow and functionality. The built-in preview feature facilitates real-time testing and feedback gathering.


2- Figma

Because of its strong design capabilities and collaborative features, Figma is an exceptional mobile app design tool that has become quite popular among designers. Here are some reasons why Figma is a good pick for designing mobile apps:

  • Figma is a cloud-based design tool, which means that designers can collaborate in real-time with team members, stakeholders, and clients. 
  • Multiple Designers can work simultaneously on a project making it easy to share and gather feedback, ensuring a simple and efficient process.
  • Figma’s component-based design approach allows designers to create reusable design elements. Designers can create master components that can be easily replicated and updated across multiple screens, making assurance of consistency and efficiency.


3- Sketch

Sketch is a highly regarded and widely used mobile app design software tool that has become a favorite among designers for its focused approach to creating pixel-perfect app interfaces.

Key aspects include:

  • Sketch is built on a vector-based editing platform, which means that designs can be easily scaled, adjusted, and modified without losing quality. 
  • Sketch has a thriving plugin ecosystem that extends its functionality and empowers designers to enhance their workflow. 
  • There are numerous plugins available for tasks such as prototyping, generating design assets, and automating repetitive tasks, allowing designers to customize their experience and improve productivity.
  • With a wealth of tools like UI kits, icons, and plugins available, the Sketch community is thriving and active.

4- Mockplus

Mockplus is a flexible and versatile mobile app software tool that simplifies the process of creating interactive app prototypes. Key aspects include:

  • Mockplus offers a vast collection of pre-made UI elements, such as menus, forms, and buttons. These elements are easily customizable and combinable to create unique and visually appealing app interfaces. 
  • Mockplus supports real-time collaboration, making it convenient for designers to work together on projects. Multiple team members can edit and review designs simultaneously, improving efficiency and streamlining the design iteration process. 
  • Designers can modify the interactions and animations in their app prototypes using Mockplus. 
  • Designers can export design files in various formats, extract specifications such as colors, sizes, and measurements, and export assets for developers to use in the app development process.

5- Marvel

Marvel is a well-known and effective mobile app design tool that provides a variety of capabilities for developing interactive app prototypes and realizing app concepts. Key aspects include:

  • Marvel allows designers to easily transform their static designs into interactive prototypes. Designers can link screens together, define transitions, and add interactive elements like buttons, gestures, and animations. 
  • The handoff between designers and developers is made simpler by Marvel. To ensure a smooth transfer from design to development, designers might produce design requirements that include measurements, colors, and assets.
  • Marvel provides a mobile app companion that allows designers to preview and test their prototypes on mobile devices in real time. 
  • This feature helps designers validate the user experience, identify any usability issues, and gather feedback directly on the actual devices where the app will be used.


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