Enjoy the potential of IT consultancy for a strategic edge in the market

With the rapid advancement of technology, it is becoming essential for businesses, regardless of the sector, to incorporate IT into their corporate systems. IT consultants aid in this by planning, designing, installing, and maintaining the tech aspects of your business. Usually, this includes both hardware and software, involving network or cloud infrastructure and security measures, along with used devices.

Utilize the knowledge and advanced technological proficiency of the most brilliant professionals at ITSNS to get a thorough IT plan that aligns with your business goals and facilitates the digital and technological advancement of your company. Our expert advice on IT strategy will guide you in automating and digitizing your operations, maximizing the efficiency of your software portfolio, and incorporating cutting-edge technology.

What Are the Benefits of IT Consultancy Services?

It is impossible to match the speed of the constantly evolving technological environment of today. We’re diving into a world of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies. ITSNS is an excellent choice for IT consultancy services since we take care of your constantly evolving IT obstacles.

Digital Transformation

IT consultancy can keep your business at the forefront of digital competition, as it enables you to make calculated investments that are in line with current industry patterns and customer needs. This puts you in a position to capture a substantial portion of the expected 53% surge in digital transformation expenditure by 2023.

Cloud Technology

By partnering with an IT consulting firm, your business can benefit from the vast opportunities presented by cloud technology, giving you an edge in areas such as productivity, flexibility, and affordability. This is particularly significant as projected expenditure on cloud projects is expected to exceed that of other areas of business IT until 2022.

Big Data

By availing IT consultancy services, your business can use big data initiatives to acquire a competitive advantage. By utilizing the skills of professional consultants, you can benefit from data-based analysis and access the 83% improvement capacity emphasized by business leaders. This will enhance your decision-making abilities and improve overall business performance.

Artificial Intelligence

By incorporating AI technology into your business, you can establish your name as a leader in the field of innovation. Soon, around 80% of upcoming technologies will utilize AI as a crucial component. This translates to significant advantages for your business in areas such as automation, predictive analysis, and tailored customer interactions.

Mobile Devices

IT consultancy services acknowledge the importance of mobile devices in the present digital environment. With more than 50% of the world's internet traffic coming from mobile devices, seeking the guidance of experts can enhance your business's online visibility. By incorporating responsive design, smooth mobile experiences, and effective mobile marketing strategies, you can expand your customer base and achieve greater engagement rates.


With the increasing risks of cyber threats, it becomes crucial to seek IT consultancy services to secure your company's confidential information and digital possessions. Almost 70% of corporate executives have acknowledged the growing dangers of cybersecurity, thus you must assess vulnerabilities, use security protocols, educate employees, and respond proactively to new threats with the help of experts.

Our IT Consultancy Services

With the increasing risks of cyber threats, it becomes crucial to seek IT consultancy services to secure your company’s confidential information and digital possessions. Almost 70% of corporate executives have acknowledged the growing dangers of cybersecurity, thus you must assess vulnerabilities, use security protocols, educate employees, and respond proactively to new threats with the help of experts.

IT Strategy & Planning

Assistance with strategic IT planning is one of our most frequently requested services. We think of strategic IT as a core competitive strength, helping you to invest in the right technologies to prepare your company today for tomorrow’s challenges. ITSNS IT consultants will work with you to document a detailed strategic plan that maps your business goals to short-term and long-term action plans to achieve those goals.

IT Assessments

Strategic IT planning is closely related to the process of IT budgeting. Establishing a budget for technology without a thorough understanding of your organization's requirements can be an issue. The IT consultants at ITSNS collaborate with you to formulate a practical budget for IT that accounts for your existing assets and resources, as well as the estimated expenses of implementing new technology that can provide maximum benefits for your company.

IT Budgeting

We believe that incorporating strategic IT into your business can provide a significant competitive advantage, allowing you to invest in the appropriate technology solutions to provide your company for future challenges. The IT professionals at ITSNS are dedicated to collaborating with you to draft a comprehensive strategy that outlines precise steps, to successfully reach your business objectives.

Cloud & Data Migration Services

Many companies are shifting their data and software from physical data centers to either public or private clouds with the prime goal of decreasing expenses, increasing protection, and establishing backup options. Our IT consultancy services offer a well-planned strategy for migrating to the cloud. We guide you in analyzing the advantages and disadvantages, assist in choosing the most suitable cloud service providers, calculate expenses, and develop a strategy to guarantee a successful transition to the cloud.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

Most companies have to adhere to compliance requirements and criteria. ITSNS offers risk evaluation for compliance readiness, as well as gap resolution planning and preparation for audits. Our proficient IT consultants make sure that your company has a comprehensive and precisely documented system that results in successful conformance to industry standards.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

It is crucial to have a contingency plan to guarantee that your business maintains its operations during any unexpected interruptions. ITSNS assists in developing a comprehensive BC/DR strategy. This plan covers various aspects such as crisis communication among employees, finding relevant information, and providing access to necessary tools and procedures for smooth job performance during any unforeseen circumstances.

Security Risk Assessments

Your network might evolve over the years, accumulating various hardware and software that could potentially result in security risks. ITSNS IT consultants carry out a thorough analysis of your IT infrastructure and assess the extent to which your existing technology is contributing to or impeding your business growth. You will be given reports detailing the primary areas that require improvements, along with recommendations ranked by priority.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

A vCIO is a partially-committed IT leader who offers assistance with IT planning, management, and authority for a brief or extended period. If your company requires strategic guidance yet lacks the finances to hire a permanent CIO, opting for a virtual CIO could be a smart decision. Our vCIOs can assist in establishing priorities and overseeing your routine technology-related tasks.

Mobile & Web Custom Application Development

Our custom application development solutions are expertly designed to deliver an optimal combination of efficiency, collaboration, and speed, all of which are essential for driving business growth. This includes streamlining complex processes by automation or establishing smooth integration between in-house and third-party enterprise systems. Our skilled IT consultancy team can create custom software to meet your specific requirements as well.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an IT Consultant?

We understand the frustration you may experience when trying to calculate the cost of employing an IT consultant. Usually, the final costs are conditional. Nevertheless, as a baseline, the average expenditure ranges from $80 to $150 each month for every user. 

Ultimately, the answer still is influenced by various factors, such as your business size and sector and the extent of the work that the IT consultant is required to do.

Why Hire IT Consultants for Your Business?

By teaming up with professional IT consultants, such as ITSNS, you can access their professional knowledge. You get the opportunity to tap into a vast pool of skilled experts, tried-and-true techniques, and successful methodologies that have been honed through extensive practice in a multitude of industries.

1- Expertise

The IT personnel in many companies often possess a general range of skills. By contracting a professional IT consultant, your business can acquire distinctive expertise, a proper understanding of modern solutions, and the necessary tools and skills to implement them.

2- Fast Completion

Most IT consultants are skilled to adapt promptly and demand little time to understand your situation. Their efficient work is a result of their diverse expertise and access to appropriate resources for each project.

3- Cost Savings

An IT consultant expert can finish IT projects with minimal resources compared to what your internal team may require. They provide you with a precise initial assessment of the expenses involved in the process, you don’t have to retain the specialist as a permanent employee.

4- Skills Transfer

An expert IT consultant can offer their knowledge and professional guidance throughout the project, leading to the development of a more proficient in-house team for your future needs.

5- Increased Security

IT consultants can detect and solve security risks within your network and systems. They collaborate with your team to create procedures and guidelines for enhanced constant protection.

6- Boosted Productivity

Small companies often find themselves overwhelmed with various assignments and conflicting requirements. Hiring a professional IT consultant to manage particular tasks can liberate your staff to concentrate on important business functions and objectives.

Our IT Consultancy Process

ITSNS has been providing effective assistance to various businesses, regardless of size and format, in enhancing and updating their IT strategies. Most of our IT professionals possess many years of experience in the field. We have developed a successful strategy for consultancy that allows us to provide the best advantage to our clients in the quickest possible time frame.


Our IT consultants analyze your current software systems and how your staff utilizes them, detecting any issues with processes and automated functions.


The IT experts create a plan and approach that enables your company to make the most of cutting-edge technologies and simplify the software framework. Next, they establish target metrics for both your staff and software.


Effective IT consultancy requires a cooperative effort from both the client and the consultancy firm. Our team of professionals will thoroughly evaluate your work processes, monitoring their effectiveness to pinpoint any areas of concern, and finally resolve them.


Improvements Following the achievement of these objectives, our team of IT consultants and software engineers offer suggestions for enhancing future performance and provide support in executing them.

Why our IT Consultancy Services Are Better Than the Rest

Many factors make ITSNS the best in the field of IT Consultancy

> Fast time-to-value

By adopting an iterative method for long-term transformative ventures, we deliver substantial business benefits at the earliest stages. We take early steps towards establishing a harmonized IT infrastructure that can effectively reduce operation costs, such as the expenses of maintaining outdated IT equipment.

> Fair pricing

Our pricing strategy varies based on the type of consultancy service we provide. A predetermined fee will be charged for services that have a specific time limit and well-defined results, such as creating a prototype for a solution. Meanwhile, if the service scope is difficult to estimate at the beginning of a long-term project, such as streamlining multiple business applications, we charge based on the time and material required.

> Value-driven IT strategies

The field of IT technology is continually expanding. Our expertise lies in guiding companies through the complexities of IT and assisting them in making strategic investments that result in genuine profit opportunities. When devising an IT strategy, we convey the benefits of proposed changes with a focus on minimizing expenses, streamlining processes, or enhancing service quality.

> Tailored solutions to your needs

We understand that every company faces unique challenges. We carefully examine your company’s needs and create customized solutions that cater to specific requirements. Our consultancy services are customized to enhance the value of your business by optimizing current systems, introducing new technologies, and simplifying procedures.

> Extensive industry expertise

Our IT consultant team owns extensive knowledge and practical skills in the industry that they can offer. We possess a thorough understanding of different industries and their unique IT needs, which allows us to offer valuable suggestions that coordinate with the top industry standards.

> Assisted transition to better IT

Our comprehensive set of services includes all aspects of IT project management including planning, designing, implementing, and ongoing support for any changes required in the IT strategy. Thus, you don’t have to switch between multiple teams to get your requirements fulfilled.


IT consultancy services guide clients in evaluating different technology approaches and aligning them effectively with their business or process strategies. IT consultants may be recruited for a variety of purposes, ranging from managing software to analyzing data.
The fundamental difference between IT consultancy and IT services lies in the variation of strategy and implementation. An IT consultant advises on actions, reasons, and occasionally methods. However, IT services involve putting that plan into action.
The role of an IT consultant is to guide companies in overseeing their technological strategies. This could include a thorough evaluation of a company’s computer technology, including aspects such as cybersecurity, software functionality, and data analysis, which is important to understand how the company can maximize the advantages of its tech systems.
IT consultancy services include a range of consultancy solutions for businesses looking to enhance their internal processes and optimize their operational systems. Experts offer assistance to clients in implementing changes in their systems, such as prioritizing the creation or implementation of software that directly addresses a particular business requirement.
When launching a new company, it is important to thoroughly assess all factors and enlist the services of professionals. Our consultancy services support businesses in their digital transformation journey by assisting them in automating processes, implementing advanced technologies, and enhancing software portfolios.
The role of an IT consultant is to collaborate with clients and provide guidance on leveraging information technology effectively, either to achieve their business goals or resolve existing issues. Their responsibility is focused on improving their business by streamlining IT systems across their systems.
We improve software structure, create technology-focused plans, and optimize software collections to elevate business operations. We provide support in enhancing your systems and technologies to help you to stay competitive in the contemporary marketplace. Our professionals examine your use of software and offer recommendations for improvement to support your success amidst competition in the modern era.
ITSNS owns a team of expert IT consultants to aid small and medium-sized companies in elevating their operations and products/services. By examining a company’s requirements, organization, and technology, we develop cutting-edge solutions that incorporate the latest advancements. We develop personalized plans to improve efficiency and productivity and offer support in implementing advanced technological solutions.