It is crucial to have web hosting that is dependable, rapid, and safeguarded to ensure the success of your business.

At ITSNS, we specialize in digital marketing as an all-in-one online services agency. We have expertise in optimizing the online user experience to boost ROI by generating more conversions.

Our web hosting and dedicated server services continue beyond project completion. We offer top-notch hosting services for your new website or redesign for older websites to guarantee that your online presence has exceptional care and attention.

Our Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers services

ITSNS is the ultimate choice for those seeking renowned website hosting solutions. We offer various web hosting and dedicated servers options catering to diverse needs, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting, ensuring that anyone can find a suitable solution. 

Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers

Improve your digital presence by teaming up with a hosting collaborator who will support you with excellent security measures, lightning-fast loading times, and round-the-clock amiable assistance. Our platform is specifically designed for optimal performance, utilizing Google Cloud infrastructure and incorporating various tailored speed enhancements. We take care of securing both your server and application so you can have peace of mind knowing that your sites are safe.

WordPress Hosting

Experience worry-free managed WordPress hosting that offers swift and strong security measures. We provide a free automated process for site migration, which eliminates any troubles during the transfer of your content. Our WordPress infrastructure guarantees speedy and secure performance to ensure the seamless operation of your website. Make the most of effective tools, enjoy automatic transfer of your website, and receive top-notch round-the-clock assistance.

Reseller Hosting

Choose a reliable hosting companion that equips you with the necessary resources to sell hosting and handle numerous websites without difficulty. We provide an array of resources that empower you to develop and oversee websites, including a sophisticated File Manager, FTP client, PHP version manager, App installer, and numerous other beneficial features.

Cloud Hosting

Elevate your business website to success with our managed services and cloud plans that automatically scale up as needed. Our cloud platform boasts robust dedicated resources that are fine-tuned for optimal efficiency and speed, ensuring peak performance for your website. You can easily increase the CPU and RAM by one click. Our auto-scale feature can be employed to avoid the loss of traffic and downtime caused by a sudden increase in traffic.

Domain Names

In addition to well-known and country-based domain names, various generic, high-level domains can be registered through our company. Most of these are even offered at discounts during the first year of your registration.

Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers for Agencies

Develop, deliver, and oversee numerous client websites with ease. You receive a comprehensive set of resources that enable effortless navigation of clients and websites. Utilize the automated site setup wizard to swiftly generate a brand-new website within your hosting package. Manage all your websites from one centralized portal with convenient entry to the Site Tools of each website and the ability to suspend or delete websites.

Why Choose Our Web Hosting And Dedicated Servers Services?

Maximized Uptime

Our web hosting and dedicated servers service is completely dependable. We take pride in delivering significantly better uptime figures than what the industry typically offers.

Free Malware Removal

In case your website security gets compromised, our team of skilled professionals is readily available to efficiently and carefully eradicate any malware and bugs at no additional cost.

Privacy and Security

Our web hosting and dedicated servers services prioritize security, ensuring that we implement every possible measure to safeguard not only your website but also your valuable data.

Fast Load Times

We ensure swift loading speed for your web pages, which majorly impacts both user satisfaction and search engine rankings.

SSL Certification

We offer a wide range of security measures including SSL Certificates, Multi-Factor Authentication, sFTP that is automatically enabled, and complimentary secure hosting services. Protect sensitive information like personal details, e-commerce transactions, and other confidential data by using our encrypted connections.

WordPress Specialized Hosting

Our web hosting and dedicated servers service is designed to offer the fastest and most dependable platform for using WordPress, which is, without a doubt, the most widely used content management system worldwide. While we can host various websites, our area of expertise lies specifically in WordPress.

All-in-One Dashboard

We allow you to simplify the process of managing your website using an all-in-one dashboard, thus conserving significant time and energy. This allows you to access all features conveniently to streamline your management process.

100% Uptime Guaranteed

Get unmatched reliability through our advanced technology and resolute dedication. Our guarantee to provide 100% uptime ensures seamless connectivity that enables you to stay connected and productive at all times, regardless of the hour.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team members strive to offer prompt solutions with a personal touch, ensuring that you feel like a valued member of our family.


Web hosting provides a platform for individuals, bloggers, businesses, and web developers to store and display their websites on the internet. Web hosting services facilitate global access to websites by offering server space, essential resources, and connectivity, thus enabling website owners to reach an extensive audience and share their products, services, or content, on a global scale.

A web hosting provider, like ITSNS, is a company responsible for providing the necessary resources to enable your website to be accessible on the internet. By purchasing various resources, such as disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts from a hosting provider, your website can be made available to users worldwide without any disruptions, thanks to the services provided by the web hosting provider.

You can store website files through web hosting, whereas the website’s location is identified by the domain name. Consider a domain name to be like a building’s address, while serving as the actual building where the website is stored. ICANN manages domains while hosting is managed by providers like ITSNS.

Your decision for choosing a web hosting service depends on several factors. Explore the various hosting options, compare pricing with your budget, consider their customer support services, prioritize safety and security, create a list of your requirements, and focus on speed and reliability.
ITSNS provides the opportunity to adjust your hosting plan accordingly with the growth of your website. Depending on your needs, you can boost your hosting plan by moving to a more advanced level or switching to a different type of hosting, such as upgrading from shared hosting to VPS or dedicated hosting.
When moving your website to a different hosting provider, it is generally necessary to adhere to these steps: Back up your website files and databases. Make a new hosting account. Transfer your website data to the newly designated server. Import your database files. To redirect your website to the new host, make changes to the DNS settings of your domain.

Your domain name doesn’t necessarily have to match your business name. It is recommended that you secure registration for all domains containing your business name, particularly those with commonly used extensions such as .com if they are available for registration. 

Cloud hosting involves the use of several servers to distribute resources. This prevents the issue of a site dominating resources and hindering the performance of other sites on a shared server in hosting. Opting for cloud-based hosting enhances failover protection and guarantees exclusive resources for your website.